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Mission Statement

Jinshan Mandarin Education Council - 金山中文教育协会 (JMEC) supports the Mandarin language program in the San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD). It aims to contribute to the success of SFUSD students in learning Mandarin by providing additional teacher resources, advocating cultural literacy and organizing parent/community engagement. 

JMEC Goals
  • Mandarin immersion program support
    • curriculum
    • teacher
    • student
    • family
  • Collaboration and equity across the district's three Mandarin Immersion schools
Jinshan" (金山) means "gold mountain" and is an abridged form of "Jiu Jinshan" (旧金山), which mean San Francisco in Chinese, or literally "old gold mountain." JMEC is governed by a board of directors and is supported through membership dues, grants and fundraising activities.